The first non-motorized lawn mowers hit U.S. markets in the 1830s. It was also around this time when the concept of nicely-manicured lawns started becoming more mainstream since it was now easier to maintain them. Today, lawns accounts for upwards of 40 million acres of land in the USA. But those pretty green lawns are wreaking havoc on the environment. An astounding 60% of fresh water supplies in U.S. urban centers are used for watering lawns every year, according to the EPA. Lawnmowers account for 5% of air pollution in the U.S., while homeowners use upwards of 10 times more pesticides and fertilizers for their lawns than farmers do for crops. Further, natural grass requires still several hours of labor every month to keep your lawn perfectly manicured. All the aforementioned is why synthetic grass is growing in popularity. An artificial turf lawn requires no pesticides, no lawnmower, and minimal water to have a perfectly-manicured, bright green lawn all year long. Homeowners not only love the curb appeal of an artificial grass, but also the long-term savings on water bills, pesticides, lawn mowers, and other maintenance. Artificial grass greatly-reduces your carbon footprints, preserves water, and prevents harmful pesticides from polluting the soil. Best of all, synthetic turf can be had for as little as $3.50 per square foot. We’ve been installing artificial turf lawns since 2002 in the Austin area. Contact us today with any questions about our synthetic grass products. We are a full service company; you buy the turf and we install it for you.

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