Installer Network

Synthetic turf applications are only as good as the installation. Large jobs like lawns, sports playing fields, and golf courses should be done by professionals with many years of experience dealing with unique topographical features, slopes, and other challenges that may present themselves during the installation process. is a subsidiary of National Greens. We have built a network of professional installers in all 50 states since our founding in 2002. All installers go through a rigorous training program that teaches them both basic and advanced installation techniques. Most of our installers are landscapers, construction workers, and handymen who are already doing similar work. Installers for are partners with a vested interest in providing high-quality work for our customers. We provide installation jobs for installers all across the country. If you’d like to join our network of professional installers, contact us today with your experience and availability. We ship all the necessary turf and materials for the job right to you; and you do the installation. Its as simple as that. Customers who have purchased synthetic grass from another provider and need it installed can also contact us. We’ll find a professional installer in your area to complete the job.

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